The purpose of this article is to address the widespread narrative that Haiti is a dangerous place from my personal experiences.

Why the narrative exists

Things that illicit our emotions get most widely circulated. The shocking/bad things (violence, death, poverty, etc) tend to get highlighted on the internet and in news. No surprise.

The journey of a Haitian waste-to-energy startup

2017 —Launch

Lakay Vèt started several years prior to its founding in 2017 when my partner, who was in Florida finishing his aerospace engineering degree, stirred up a little side project that could efficiently use methanogenic bacteria in an anaerobic environment to create biogas and biofertilizer.

My friends, there still exist a great number of ancients among us. They are pervasive throughout our technology sphere yet not identifiable by age or other physical traits. Instead they can be identified by their use of “tricky” passwords like JerRy47! and L0v3Bella4Evr. They put off those pesky updates that their computer relentlessly prompts them to perform. And sometimes they can be found shouting at their computer as if it has the intelligence to defy its programming and do something other than what they told it to do.

The ancients are in dire need your help.

You are hereby recruited…

Completing this two-part tutorial series will set you up to be able to leverage GitHub’s awesome power for working on solo and collaborative projects.

Take the time it takes so it take less time…

GitHub can either be your best friend or a pain in the ass. Take the time it takes to learn the lingo, concepts and workflows so you can leverage its power without getting hung up on things you didn’t take the time to learn from the start!


  1. Basic familiarity with terminal commands like (ls -a, cd, mkdir, touch, cat, pwd, echo "bla" >> file.txt, etc)
  2. Basic…

A tutorial that breaks down the setup and usage of tags to navigate any source code in Vim


First, setup tagging and a few other things. Then get comfortable jumping all around any code using these commands:

Jump to tag by name→ :tag QuickSor + tab (for autocomplete)

Jump to current tag → Ctrl+]

Go back up the tag stack→ Ctrl-t

Searching → :ack or grep

Outlining (toggle, fold, unfold)→ Ctrl-za or Ctrl-o or Ctrl-c

There were lots of people in the Fastai v3 course from non-software backgrounds that got a bit confused when Jeremy started using Vim to jump around fastai source code. The intimidation is understandable but shouldn’t be a barrier. Especially because frequently in data…

A tutorial on managing dotfiles (config files) across machines


Create a hidden git bare repository. Then track files using a config alias for git . Then config add and config commit any *.rc or other dotfiles you want to track remotely. Anytime you want to get your configs on a remote machine just run one simple script. Easy peasy.

A little background

You can skip this section if you are already comfortable with git bare repositories and just want to get to the how.

You login to a new machine for the first time and open a file in Vim but….YUCK! It’s gross. Just bare bones yucky Vim. No no no. …

McKinnley Rose Workman

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